Monday, August 9, 2010


This year we celebrated our 4th Abodeely Family Holiday. Each year it gets better and better! I absolutely LOVE being with my family and it's so special to be able to make new memories, especially with our babies. Oh man.... I LOVE my babies! They are amazing little people and I am in awe of what great parents my siblings are.

Feeding the fish in the pond.

Porter LOVES Uncle Geoff

Morning play time

They both loved the red wagon!

My sis and her hubby decided to leave baby with grandma and grandpa and aunt and uncle for a few days.  It was soooo much fun and she loved her time away from her parents ~ she is such a party animal.  She especially loved all the ice cream we gave her. :-) 
All this fun meant that we travelled back on the plane with little bunny.... boy, was it fun!  We read Elmo 943 times and for every kiss that Elmo got, I got one too!  I'm amazed by all parents out there, especially those that fly with their children!

While we read Elmo, Geoff enjoyed the view.... must be nice.

 (J/K... he was a great help!)

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