Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hoi An,Vietnam

(Check out the stool that the lady is standing on.... SO funny!)

We just left Hoi An and had a fabulous time. We loved the town and really wanted to stay longer, however we knew we needed to get moving so we could make it to Cambodia & Thailand.
Hoi An was a welcome sight after the craziness of Hanoi. We spent our days in town checking out cultural sights, eating white rose and shopping- lots and lots of shopping! We like to look at it as helping the local economy! There are over 400 tailoring shops in town- it's amazing that they can all stay in business! There are also cobblers that make any shoe that you want and make it a perfect fit to you, and of course all the things at a great price (especially after my mad bargaining skills!). Our biggest purchase was a very handsome dark grey suit for Geoff. Of course the sales/fitting ladies LOVED Geoff and were so impressed with his size - he even got a few pats on the behind - hilarious!
This morning we took an interesting bus ride from Hoi An to Hue which was about 4 hours and everyone must take off their shoes and the seats are all beds. How cozy. :)
We spent this afternoon exploring Hue on bicycles which is a hair raising experience to keep up with the motor bikes, but also a ton of fun.
Hope everyone at home is well! We can't wait to share pics and videos - Vietnam is an amazing country!

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