Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Red Plate

Growing up getting the "Red You Are Special" plate was the BEST ever. We'd get it for good grades, nice comments from a teacher or sometimes just because! I'll never forget coming into the kitchen for dinner and seeing the Red Plate at MY spot - it was a great feeling! Last Christmas my parents gave Geoff and I a Red Plate to start the tradition with our family and tonight we used it for the first time. Geoff was recently asked to be an Honor Escort for the seniors at Graduation this year! The senior class nominates a handful of teachers that have made an impact on their year and that they want standing up with them at graduation. I'm so proud of my husband for becoming such a great teacher and making a positive impact on so many kids! Good job Mr. Beckstrom!

(It's important to note this delicious meal that I prepared... Broiled Tilapia with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce with rice and steamed broccoli. Yummmmy!)

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Ali said...

I also grew up with the Red Plate and I loved to see it at my spot too!! We also got one as a wedding gift, and seeing your post made me realize I need to pull it out more often! You're right - good grades, etc, all deserve the You Are Special plate! Maybe I'll dust her off for tonight's dinner. Your dinner, by the way, looks awesome!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Oh my gosh! We had a red you are special plate too! I need to find one for our house!

Katie said...

What a wonderful tradition! I love that idea. Good job Geoff!

Cassandra said...

What a great tradition - I love it. I need to hold onto this idea :D
Way to go Mr. Beckstrom!!

Paul said...

We both loved reading this and are thrilled at the memories it broght back. Congrats to our wonderful son-in-law!