Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's a trip without a few adventures....

We love an adventure....

We (aaahem... Geoff) accidentally left our keys in the ignition of our cute little rental while we were at a cafe having a coffee. So.... a coffee turned into a few hours and a few beers while we waited for help. Our "help" was the cafes owner's friend from the nearby town who brakes into cars for a living - PERFECT! Just what we needed. So for the price of his cab (which, it seemed as though his friend drove him so that $ was pocketed!) and a tip we were in our car and on the road... everyone left happy!

Here is our amigo breaking into our car. Aaahhhh thievery....

Here are our soda's "para llevar" (To Go). Buy a bottled soda, pour into plastic baggy, insert straw.... you're on your way!

Ok, friends... turn up the volume and enjoy this one! This was called the "tarzan swing". All you have to do is jump off the platform (or get pushed, like me) and hope that your fall turns into a swing. I was scared... can you tell? (Sorry, can't figure out how to rotate the video.)

And to end the trip Geoff had Pinto Gallo from the Burger King in the airport - at 5am! Mmmmmmm~

Pinto Gallo is rice and beans mixed with spices, cilantro, onion and sometimes peppers. This is the traditional dish of Costa Rica, and Geoff's favorite.

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