Friday, September 18, 2009

Naked Lady Party

When I sent out the invite some of my friends thought it was spam....! Ever heard of a Naked Lady Party? It's pretty much the greatest thing ever... it's a clothing swap party! Everyone brings their old clothes.... whether that's your skinny pair of jeans, the old dumpy sweater, or that pair of shorts from high school that you think ONE day you'll get into again. Put everything into like piles on the floor and swap away! It's just like shopping, but at home with good friends, wine and snacks! It's really amazing to see your old stuff become someone's brand new outfit! I had about 10 girls over last night and everyone left with something.... it was great!

What's a party without snacks and wine!?

This was the "after" pic. My apartment was stuffed with clothes and accessories and then once everyone got what they wanted we had 6 garbage bags full to donate!

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