Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Please don't worry my dear faithful readers... everything is okay... he said yes! :-)

It's so hard to put into words how amazing those few weeks were between my Seattle bachelorette party, the rehearsal, the WEDDING, the brunch and the honeymoon! In summary, I have the most amazing family, friends and HUSBAND and I am so grateful for all the million blessings in my life.

Most importantly, the wedding was the most amazing day of my life - surrounded by the loves of our lives, Geoff and I vowed to be each others "True North" (the theme of our wedding). It was sincere, emotional and intense. It was magical, spiritual and uplifting. It was perfect.

Dad walking me down the aisle. At the end mom joined us and they both "presented" me to marry Geoff!

Done deal! The ceremony was perfect (even with a few audio flaws), my brother Paul was a great officiant and everyone commented on how special and meaningful our vows and ceremony were. (oh, and check out that awesome arbor!)

Walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Beckstrom!

Taking pictures (before the ceremony) in downtown Langley. It was SO fun, even though it was warm and took awhile... I loved every minute of it. I didn't even have to force smile! :-)

Cutting the delicious, beautiful cake!

Out of all the things I was told from fellow married friends there were two things that I did NOT find true.
1, the day did not go fast at all! I think it was because we took pictures and did our first look before the ceremony, so our wedding day started around 1pm. Also, we stayed and danced it up until the last song at midnight. Also, Geoff's parents invited everyone out after the rehearsal dinner for drinks, so we were able to connect with people Friday, which gave us more time to enjoy every minute of Saturday and party it up with them!
2, we ate dinner! Everyone told us that you don't get to eat at your own wedding... HA! We had 3 stations of food at our wedding and Geoff and I ate from each station - and it was gooooood!

More updates and pictures to follow.... but that'll hold you over for now!

(All of these pictures are from my friends but I'll make sure to post some prof pictures when we get them.)


Lana said...

deedee, your wedding seems to have been one of those perfect weddings where everything seems so loving genuine--not just going through the motions. i think it's so great that your brother officiated. you looked beautiful, and so very happy. congrats!

Melissa Moore said...

Dee, Glad you are back to the blogging world and SOOOO glad you have had these wonderfull things over the last few months. You were the most beautiful bride from all of these pics I have seen. CONGRATS all around

Blyth Family Blog said...

BEAUTIFUL!! What a wonderful day...Congrats to you and the Mr. I'm so happy for you, hopefully you'll be blogging about babies soon?? hehe! Congrats!!

The Smith Family said...

DeeDee - We had the best time at your wedding! Everything was perfect and you guys look so happy and in love. What a fantastic weekend!