Tuesday, May 12, 2009

California Engagement Party

Geoff's parents hosted an awesome engagement BBQ for us last weekend! We are SO thankful for Barbara and Roger and all of the work they put into the day. The weather did NOT cooperate, although I guess it could have been worse. It definitely was not a beautiful California spring day, but the rain held off for the most part and regardless everyone had a great time. The BBQ was almost 4 hours long and Geoff and I could not believe how quickly the day went by. It made us realize how much we'll have to appreciate and take in every moment of our wedding reception in hopes that it doesn't fly by too quickly.Showin' some love to my future neice/nephew.

Geoff's sis, Mo with Amelia and her corn muffin!

Mom and dad Abo flew in for the weekend to celebrate with us! Here's dad hangin' with his son-in-laws!

We ate leftover Armadillo Willy's for DAYS. Even typing that makes me feel a little nauseous.

Lebanese Horseshoes in action.

The Bride and Groom!


Antonello and Sarah said...

I am so excited for you Dee! Lots of love from me to you!

Melissa Moore said...

Definitely try to take in every moment, but take it from me, it flies by. Thank goodness for pictures, I barely remember my wedding.

marta said...

I love the first photo.
And Your blog, well, it invariably has has a soothing effect on me.