Thursday, February 26, 2009

"It's a great time to buy!"

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, we'd be able to afford a mansion! We've recently been pre-approved for a loan and have begun house hunting. My online searching has brought me to this one house a few times and in the desciption of the house it says "more than a fixer-upper, it's a project of a lifetime." WOW! Now that's one we can't let pass us by. (Insert frustrated face here!)


Katie said...

Wow DeeDee! Good for you! I'll be interested to read about your experience with the whole process. It's all very foreign and intimidating to me.

Siobhan Quinn said...

Hey Dee Dee! Be careful ... houses cost a lot more than the sticker price. Think new roof, water heater breaks, floods basement ... all that kind of stuff happened to me within 2 years (I am very happy I am not a home owner anymore). Make sure you're ready for a fixer. Don't rush yourself either - real estate prices historically don't rise quickly after a down market. You're lucky the market is in your favor!

marta said...

I know nothing about buying houses but I'm pretty sure 50 days to Your big day is great time to celebrate – I hope You're not missing the date!

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McGrath said...

Hi DeeDee! It "IS" a great time to buy, don't let anyone scare you off. However because most of the homes on the market right now are bank owned/short sales you have to work EXTRA hard to find that diamond in the rough- but be patient and the perfect house will come along. Too bad you're not buying in Seattle because I could help you. Just move ;-] Take care!

McGrath said...

Just move back to Seattle is what I

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