Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Record: 1 and 0

It wasn't a real pretty win... but we won! I'm really proud of the girls. They played hard... well as hard as they could. The pitching (for both teams) was quite terrible so we had mostly walks the whole game! We played our 2 hour time limit and only played 5 innings! Ha! Gotta love JV sports! The score was 14-13. GO CUPERTINO! The sun has been shining which always makes the season more fun. Now if only my plate wasn't so full with so many different things!

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Anne Hillstead said...

What do you mean if only your plate was so full? Does that mean it is, or you want it to be?! I am so proud of you for coaching, I would pay to be there to watch a game I tell you. You are a great lady, who I miss seeing. I guess Spring has come, hasn't it. Time to start thinking about the trip out I promised. Goodie. Mayish sound good??